At last- a remedy for teeth grinding and jaw clenching

Do you regularly greet the day with aching jaws, headaches, face and neck pain after grinding your teeth in your sleep? If so, your problem is more common than you might think. It is estimated that up to a quarter of adults suffer from temporomandibular disorders (TMD) at some point in their lives.

Traditionally, bite splints were used to treat the condition, but these can be uncomfortable, and may fail to address the underlying issue. A new treatment called Cerezen™, is a clinically tested device worn in the ears instead of the mouth, which prevents the symptoms of TMD by retraining the jaw to remain in the ‘open bite’ position.

Once diagnosed with TMD by your dentist, an audiologist will take an impression of your ear canals and your Cerezen™ inserts will be custom made, and ready for you within two weeks.

The inserts, which are practically invisible, can be left in place day or night, except when showering, swimming or playing contact sports. Since they are hollow, they won’t interfere with your hearing.

Don’t suffer from painful TMD any longer - ask us about the Cerezen™ device today and put a smile back on your face!



Our dentists are expertly trained to craft the most comfortable mouthguards for your needs, whether to protect your mouth from sports injury, or if you suffer from bruxism.



Snoring may be a commonly dismissed problem, but it can be tackled professionally by your dentist at The Smile Rooms Dental & Implant Clinic. Snoring can lead to stress and excessive tiredness, and longer term health concerns.

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