Wrinkle relaxing injections

Deep wrinkles such as crow's feet and frown lines are caused by overactive muscle movement which gradually wears away the collagen in the skin, causing the skin to sink and wrinkles to appear. We use a substance that has been used worldwide for a number of years in the medical field to relax facial muscles. This is injected directly and virtually pain-free, into the wrinkles. This will make the face look smoother, younger and more relaxed. If you have repeated treatments you will find that lines and wrinkles become less deep, and you can leave longer intervals between treatments. Dr Tannahill's training enables us to inject specific muscles, minimising any loss of facial expression, to give a natural and rejuvenated appearance.

This can also be used in facial re-shaping eg lifting the eyebrow or correcting asymmetrical facial features. It is not effective for static lines - lines which do not disappear when skin around the line is stretched out under tension. It cannot correct fine lines caused by the sun or natural age-related skin sag. Very heavy lines may need more than one treatment.

Treatments for Headaches

The same product can be used for persistent headaches and migraines. A full dental assessment is carried out, as sometimes there is a dental issue which may need resolving, or a night guard may need to be provided. Injection of the muscles of mastication (chewing/clenching/grinding) can give rapid pain relief. Please ask for details.

How long will it last?

The treatment will generally take 5-8 days to work and lasts between 3-4 months. To prolong the benefits a repetition of the treatment is recommended.

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